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My first paid hosting account was in 1996. Around 2001 I outgrew standard web hosting plans and moved to a dedicated server and currently I utilize a fleet of dedicated servers with Amazon CloudFront as a CDN. I have used some poor providers over the years but I will not […]

Dedicated Server Providers

The 2015 San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. As always it was exciting and filled with surprises. I am still not sure if I would ever want to attend it but who knows. Now for the best cosplayers

San Diego Comic Con

I am not a big fan of fansigns…in fact at one point I almost hated them and thought they are one of the worst things around. But a couple of friends of Its A Geeks Life sent us some fansigns because of our new layout we just launched earlier this […]


The Federal Communications Commission is contemplating putting a stop to free 911 calls from any cell phone due to misuse. Currently in the United States any cell phone including a phone that has been deactivated ten or more years ago can still be used to call 911. Tons of organizations […]

Changes To 911